About us

Who are we?

We are board game company full of bright and talented people, who truly believes that board games are reason for people to come together and spend meaningful time. 

We are proud and passionate about all our games and board game industry's development and exciting future!


A few board game enthusiasts established Brain Games in 2004 to introduce the popular game "Settlers of Catan" to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ever since our team has been working to develop board gaming culture in the Baltics. 

Everyone in our team loves board games and we are all grateful to do what we love. We believe that board games are a perfect tool to bring people together in this era of screens and social networks.

Brain Games has been localizing and distributing board games and is now the largest board game distributor in the Baltic countries.

We also run 5 specialized board game stores in Riga, Tartu and Tallinn, which take active part in promoting the board game hobby and supporting the community.

In 2011 development and publishing of our own games started and later Brain Games Publishing was established, concentrating on publishing new original games.Several new games are published every year. Our games are available in more than 40 countries. 

Most popular of them is multi award winning children’s game ICECOOL  (Kinderspiel des Jahres 2017), which resonated board game industry in 2016. 



If you are experiencing issues with any of the game components of your recently purchased product, please visit our site here.  

For any general inquires or concerns about our products please feel free to contact info@brain-games.com